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Our commitment

We truly believe that responsible travel is the only way for the future of travel.
Together we can make this world a better place.

We love what we do and have a deep passion for travel in our destinations. We are so privileged to work and live in these countries with such diverse cultures and incredible nature. We believe that travel can have a positive impact on both the destination and the traveler, if done well.

Protect the environment

We are commited to the environment

Respect cultures & destinations

We are commited to respecting diverse cultures and heritage

Protect Animals

We are commited to respecting the rights of animals

support economies & communities

We are commited to supporting local communities.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide our travelers with authentic and immerse experiences and educate them on treading lightly, understanding cultural differences and the respect that comes with it and to share the beauty of our natural surroundings, that cannot continue to exist without the support and understanding that we need to protect and preserve..


we care about the environment

We actively look and promote the triple impact in everything we do 

We are committed to the environment.

We take extra care to choose environment-friendly services and practices:

our transport

We are committed to measure carbon emissions on our trips with the aim to reduce. We give preference to public transportation, shuttle services and fuel-efficient vehicles

We promote excursions on foot and bike to explore our wonderful cities in a fun and safe way.

our accomodation

We prefer small boutique style hotels representing their countries’ culture. We look for a personalized service and ‘heart’, with preference to responsible accommodation.

We help our preferred partners in optimizing their sustainability best practices by offering training and suggestions.

our guides

 Tour guides play a big part in tackling the challenges of sustainability in tourism.  They are at the frontline of educating travelers and communities alike. We pick guides who are an inspirational example for sustainable travel behavior to protect our destinations and communities alike.


our excursions

 All our providers understand our sustainability objectives and to empower them to think and act sustainable.

We keep improving the overall sustainability of our excursions and making sure our best practices are being implemented

we believe in responsible travel


 Our six local Offices in Latin America give us the perfect base to offer your travelers an unrivaled experience with a wide selection of bed & breakfasts, small posadas, unique boutique hotels and world class luxurious lodging; you and your clients are able to design an authentic experience that meets both their comfort level, budget and expectations.

We encourage sustainable travel behavior so your clients can enjoy their journey while having a positive impact on the environment and local communities.


our offices

We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint our offices leave and have developed.

We have implemented best practices regarding Purchasing, Energy, Water, Waste management and the use of Paper. Caring for the environment is our priority. 

respecting destinations
& local cultures

We promote positive and meaningful exchanges between
our company, our travelers
and the local places we visit.

We are committed to working closely with local communities to create authentic, diverse and respectful South American experiences for your travellers. 

Our activities and excursions are conducted with respect for the artistic, archeological and cultural heritage. 

Our objective is to highlight the diversity and richness of culture and heritage in destinations. 

There is a genuine and respectful interaction between travelers and the local community.

We are Portraying destinations fairly and respectfully in our communications and marketing material.

Our cultural experiences are developed in direct cooperation with the community

protecting animals

We believe that wild animals should be kept in the wild and not caged or staged
for tourism activities with negative impacts for the animal itself.

We are committed to animals. We keep them close to our hearts and out in the wild. Our staff and local tour operators are carefully selected to ensure ethical practices.

We ensure that any animals involved in any of our trips have the right to the five animal freedoms:

  • Freedom from hunger or thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom to express normal behavior
  • Freedom from fear and distress

build an animal-friendly journey with us


supporting local economies
& communities

We work to maximize the benefits generated by tourism for local
economies and communities.

We are committed to the economy and strive to employ local staff and support local businesses, products and artists.

We employ predominantly local staff

We select local and suppliers that are invested in their community and that help from their end their local economy

We design our excursions and experiences in such a way that we include elements that help alleviate poverty in the destination

We purchase sustainable and locally produced products

We promote sustainable purchases of souvenirs, craft and art with our travelers

We involve the local community in designing the experience for our travelers

responsible travel is the only way forwarD



carbon compensation programs

While we work hard to increase the positive impact travel can have on our destinations, we also understand that when we travel, there is an environmental cost involved. Most of our programs are already a carbon compensation, but this can also be added optionally.

We are working with two carbon offset programs:



For our program in Costa Rica we plant trees in Guanacaste where for the past 80 years big parts of tropical dry forest have disappeared and made place for large cattle arms. We’ve purchased over 100 hectares of protected land and started planting native tree species for the last 4 years, we planted around 2500 trees so far.


forest protection

In Brazil, we support a community-based forest management project that combats deforestation and protects vulnerable and endangered species in the Amazon. The project not only creates jobs for local people, but also provides workshops on health care, biodiversity and leadership for women and young people.

Sustainable Policies & Guidelines


We love responsible travel.

Our ethical code

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Encounter Sustainability Policy

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Accommodation Best Practices

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How to be a better Guide

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How to be a sustainable Traveller

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Trees Planted

Hectares Protected Land

Local Employees

Animals Protected

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