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Ecuador’s Pacific Coast offers an inmense amount of beaches, mangroves, delicious food, exciting nightlife, interesting culture, and sights like no other in the world.

The coastal region of Ecuador offers a wide variety of options for you to enjoy. From secluded and secret beaches where you’ll be alone to wonder in their beauty, to cities where life is fast and you have the comfort of luxury hotels and modern commodities.

Guayaquil, the countries’ main port, is a example of a coastal metropoli, and although the citie’s main focus isn’t tourism, it still has several spots worthy of visit and food you won’t regret tasting.

Manabí offers some of the most beautiful beaches and beach towns to explore and also various natural reserves which should be a must in every traveler’s bucket list. For example Isla de la Plata, an island close to Puerto López, is widely known for its beauty and endemic wildlife; and during the months of July to October, you can even go looking for humpback whales during their mating season.

In mangrove towns you’ll find the freshest seafood you have ever tasted, and you’ll even see some of the dishes being prepared right in front of you, while you just feel your mouth watering from the wait. 


Sights like no other in the world

On the land side of the coast, you’ll find pintoresque towns, rich in culture and people proud of their identity. This will be shown in their artisanal work and the appetinzing preparations of their typical food. It’s also one of the areas where Ecuador’s cacao comes from, be sure to taste local chocolate so you can feel the nutty and tropical fruit flavors embedded in it.

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WHAT NOT TO MISS IN Ecuador’s Coast


The main port of Ecuador and a very happening city. While it might not have turism as its main focus, Guayaquil has its own charm. The lighthouse on top of Cerro Santa Ana will give you a birds view over the city´s harbour and the colonial part. Make sure to have a drink while relaxing with the cool breeze of Guayas River.

Los Frailes

This is probably the most beautiful beach in Continental Ecuador. Soft sand and the turquioise ocean come together to let you relax and soak up the sun. This is a part of a national park, so make sure you get there early, as there’s a limited amount of visitors allowed per day.

Isla de la Plata

Puerto Lopez Humpback Whales


A perfect middle ground between coastal metropoli and a beach town where you can enjoy a nice, traditional meal right in front of the sea. Traditional breakfasts in the fisher’s beach Tarqui can’t be beaten!

Comunidad Agua Blanca

destination map

Title Address Description
Quito, EcuadorThe country’s capital is an old Andean city. Although it doesn’t maintain much of its Inca origins, it’s still a testimony to Ecuador’s history and the merging of the Spanish and native cultures. Its historic downtown is the largest and best conserved in all of Latin America. Read more…
Galapagos Islands
Islas Galápagos, EcuadorThe Galapagos Islands are one of the most biologically diverse places on earth. This archipelago of islands is located 972k,m off the coast of Ecuador and perhaps most famous for being the place where Charles Darwin first formulated his revolutionary theory of evolution. Read more…
Otavalo, EcuadorOtavalo is probably the most traditional town in Ecuador. Indigenous people showcase their textile production and colorful designs, and on Saturdays it grows exponentially to engulf the streets that surround it with local merchants, musicians and street food vendors.  Read more…
Soche, Ecuador

Chimborazo is also one of the most iconic mountains in Ecuador, it’s the highest extinct volcano in Ecuador and the closest point to the sun from Earth. Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world, with a perfect conic shape that is recognizable from afar…
Read more…

Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, with its narrow streets, beautiful plazas and picturesque cathedrals is a real competitor to the colonial part of Quito. Three rivers cross Cuenca in different parts of town, filling it with magical little spots where bridges take you from the newest part of town, to the colonial side of it.Read more…

Venezuela N6-09 & Mejía. 2nd Floor., Centro histórico Quito - Pichincha - Ecuador, Quito 170401, Ecuador

The Ecuadorian Amazon basin is one of the most biodiverse places in the world, and one of the most beautiful. The Napo River is the Amazon River’s main tributary, home to several un-contacted tribes living nomadic life between the borders of Ecuador, Perú, and Brazil. Read more…

Cloud Forests of Baños and Mindo
Mindo, Ecuador

Baños & Mindo are natural wonders nestled into the Andes, offering a wide array of activities that go from adventure rafting in the river to relaxing spa days soaking in natural hot springs that get their temperature and medicinal features from the depths of Tungurahua volcano. Read more…

Pacific Coast
Playa La Bellaca,, Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador

The coastal region of Ecuador offers a wide variety of options for you to enjoy. From secluded and secret beaches where you’ll be alone to wonder in their beauty, to cities where life is fast, you’ll find fresh seafood and picturesque villages, rich in culture and people proud of their identity. Read more…

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Best times to

With mild temperatures and infrequent rain, Lima is pleasant to visit at any time of the year. To enjoy the numerous beaches, the best time to visit is during the summer months of December to March when the temperature averages between 77ºF – 82ºF (25ºC – 28ºC). In October, Lima’s most important festival, the Lord of the Miracles (Senor de los Milagros), is celebrated with a series of street parades that include a life-size replica of Jesus carried on an elaborate adorned altar.

practical information


For air service to Lima, Jorge Chávez International Airport is Peru’s main international and domestic airport. Many airlines in North America, Europe and across Latin America offer direct flights to the capital.

Lima is also connected by bus to several neighbouring countries and all major cities in Peru. While no central bus terminal exists, the multitude of bus companies serving various regions of the country all have their own terminals in downtown Lima or in the suburbs.


For getting around the city, visitors can use public transportation including buses and minibuses. However these methods of transport are only available from 5am to midnight. While there are some services that run through the night, their rates can increase by up to 50% and this collection of old minibuses is not recommended.

There are three types of taxis available in Lima: black limousine service is available at the airport and outside most hotels; radio taxi companies that are requested by phone, and the standard yellow taxis registered with the municipality. It is inadvisable to use independent taxis as they offer no security. Also keep in mind that in Lima there are no taximeters. Fares are settled before boarding except when taking a hotel or radio taxi services.


Lima has a wide range of places to stay and every type of traveler is sure to find something to their liking. While a number of hotels can be found throughout the city, we recommend staying in Miraflores or Olivos. Both neighborhoods have a great selection of hotels, ranging from super modern to quaint colonial buildings and, from luxury hotels to boutique bed & breakfasts.

The city’s gastronomy also offers a wide range of choices. Many upscale restaurants dot the culinary map of the city and also include plenty cheap meals that make dining out one of the finest aspects of a visit.

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