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Although visitors to Peru often only pass through the airport en route to Cusco and the rest of Peru, we think that Lima’s chaotic yet fascinating capital city offers numerous sights and surprises that are well worth discovering!

Lima is a city of contrasts. A mix of the old world and the new, modernity and tradition, abundance and poverty awaits each visitor willing to take the time to explore this city, which has grown in the middle of a dry and sandy desert. From the diverse range of cultural events, historical sites and museums, to the packed golden beaches, breathtaking views from the city’s numerous skyscrapers and a ride in a micro across the pueblos jovenes; this is a city sure to astound any visitor.


Nestled comfortably on the Pacific Coast of South America, Lima was founded by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro on January 18, 1535. It went on to become the most important city in the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru. Today it is the cultural and economic hub of the country with over 8 million inhabitants crammed into its ever-growing metropolitan area. Be sure to make the most of the great culinary offerings in the many delicious restaurants that serve amazing food with influences that reflect the multicultural flavors of the city.

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Miraflores & Larco Mar

A 6-mile stretch of beautiful parks, the Malecón in the Miraflores neighborhood overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is the perfect way to take in the panoramic views and the various statues created by famous Peruvian artists along the way. Along this expansive sea walk you’ll see the impressive and exclusive Larcomar Mall which is built into the cliff side and makes for the perfect place to stop-off and take in the breathtaking ocean views.

Bohemian Barranco

The pretty architecture makes it a beautiful district to lazily wander around. It is also the best place to go for nightlife. It’s a Bohemian district just south of Miraflores, the most new, ritzy district. In the 19th century, Barranco was established as a beach resort for the aristocracy of Lima, meaning that the streets are lush and colonial in style with palm trees and eloquent mansions – many now have stores, galleries and restaurants.

Historical City Center

The Plaza de Armas is the city’s beautiful and recently restored historical center, designated a UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity site in 1991. Stately mansions and embellished Baroque church facades exude an air of faded grandeur. Visit the San Francisco Monastery and its famous underground crypts known as the Catacombs, where the remains of tens of thousands of people are stored.

Larco Museum

Situated in a former mansion which in itself provides an outstanding setting, the museum has a diverse collection ranging from 3,000 year old ceramics to textiles and precious metal artifacts. The Mummy exhibition also shows the different ways ancient cultures from around the world including the Incas preserved their dead.

Gold Museum

The Museo de Oro or Gold Museum in Lima is one of the city’s top tourist attractions and contains over 10,000 gold, silver and copper pieces in its collection. In addition to precious metals, the museum has a fine compilation of textiles, stone carvings, and ceramics.

Huaca Pucllana

The inhabitants of the area built the pyramid around 500 AD, acting as a ceremonial and administrative center for Lima Culture. The remains were uncovered and are located in one of the tombs. Within the ruins, there is a restaurant called Huaca Pucllana Restaurant, located near the illuminated pyramid, creating a serene view of the ruins at night.

destination map

Title Address Description
Machu Picchu
08680, PerúMachu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas, is quite possibly the reason you chose to travel to Peru in the first place! It was recently voted one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and we guarantee that this magical spot will not disappoint you. Read more…
Cusco, PerúCusco is the jump off point for a trip into the surrounding Sacred Valley to the less visited ruins and brightly painted churches of the southern valley en route to Puno or to crop circles and Inca salt pans…and of course to the World Wonder of Machu Picchu! Read more…
Sacred Valley
Valle Sagrado, 08670, PerúNestled deep within the Peruvian Andes, the Sacred Valley is home to charming Inca towns, impressive archaeological sites, and traditional local markets. It is also one of the best areas in Peru for a wide range of adventure activities while en route to Machu Picchu. Read more…
Lima, Perú

Known as the ‘City of Kings’, Lima is a city of contrasts. A mix of the old world and the new; modernity and tradition…Lima is a chaotic yet fascinating capital city. As well as being Peru’s capital, it is also the capital of gastronomy for all of the Americas! Read more…

Lake Titicaca / Puno

Legend has it that the children of the sun god, Manco Capac, and his sister, Mama Ocllo, rose from the depths of Lake Titicaca to build the Inca Empire. Explore the floating Uros Islands made from totora reeds and, discover the region’s authentic folklore. Read more…

Arequipa & Colca Canyon
Chivay, Perú

Legend has it that the children of the sun god, Manco Capac, and his sister, Mama Ocllo, rose from the depths of Lake Titicaca to build the Inca Empire. Explore the floating Uros Islands made from totora reeds and, discover the region’s authentic folklore. Read more…

Peruvian Amazon
Selva Amazonica, Perú

Early morning bird watching, late night jungle walking, fishing for piranhas, or a visit to the world’s largest macaw’s clay lick where hundreds of birds meet to feed – a truly colorful sight! There’s nothing like the wildlife that thrives in the Peruvian Amazon! Read more…

Ica, Paracas, Nazca
Ica, Perú

Situated on Peru’s arid desert coastline, this region boasts an interesting mix of ancient local culture, spectacular natural beauty and adventure sports. Ica, Paracas, and Nazca makes a great stop off or break point on a coastal ride towards Arequipa. Read more…

Trujillo & Chiclayo
Trujillo, Perú
Chachapoyas, Perú
Huaraz, Perú

Surrounded by jagged snowy peaks, glaciers and turquoise blue lakes, Huaraz is a real mountain adventure destination, not to mention home to ancient cultures and charming little villages. Read more…

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With mild temperatures and infrequent rain, Lima is pleasant to visit at any time of the year. To enjoy the numerous beaches, the best time to visit is during the summer months of December to March when the temperature averages between 77ºF – 82ºF (25ºC – 28ºC). In October, Lima’s most important festival, the Lord of the Miracles (Senor de los Milagros), is celebrated with a series of street parades that include a life-size replica of Jesus carried on an elaborate adorned altar.

practical information


For air service to Lima, Jorge Chávez International Airport is Peru’s main international and domestic airport. Many airlines in North America, Europe and across Latin America offer direct flights to the capital.

Lima is also connected by bus to several neighbouring countries and all major cities in Peru. While no central bus terminal exists, the multitude of bus companies serving various regions of the country all have their own terminals in downtown Lima or in the suburbs.


For getting around the city, visitors can use public transportation including buses and minibuses. However these methods of transport are only available from 5am to midnight. While there are some services that run through the night, their rates can increase by up to 50% and this collection of old minibuses is not recommended.

There are three types of taxis available in Lima: black limousine service is available at the airport and outside most hotels; radio taxi companies that are requested by phone, and the standard yellow taxis registered with the municipality. It is inadvisable to use independent taxis as they offer no security. Also keep in mind that in Lima there are no taximeters. Fares are settled before boarding except when taking a hotel or radio taxi services.


Lima has a wide range of places to stay and every type of traveler is sure to find something to their liking. While a number of hotels can be found throughout the city, we recommend staying in Miraflores or Olivos. Both neighborhoods have a great selection of hotels, ranging from super modern to quaint colonial buildings and, from luxury hotels to boutique bed & breakfasts.

The city’s gastronomy also offers a wide range of choices. Many upscale restaurants dot the culinary map of the city and also include plenty cheap meals that make dining out one of the finest aspects of a visit.

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