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Búzios is one of the prettiest places in Brazil, and possibly in the world. Any visitor will be able to understand why it is regularly voted amongst the top ten most beautiful places on the planet. The romantic charm of Búzios is not just in the quaint old fishing village with its winding cobblestone streets and picturesque harbor. It occupies part of a small peninsula ringed by 25 beautiful tropical beaches.

Búzios beaches range in size from small and secluded, accessible by trails or by boat, to long, open and golden, where the beautiful people of Brazil come to relax. Every beach is washed by cool, crystal clear water. On the windier Atlantic side, the surf is wilder on the rocky coast. The sheltered beaches of the bay are more tranquil, with turquoise waters lapping the shore.

Trails cross the peninsula, passing over headlands with views of the paradise beaches and boats in the harbor, or of the endless wild Atlantic Ocean. The lush green vegetation contrasts dramatically with the azure sky and golden sun. The views of Búzios from the sea are equally magnificent, with boat-trips taking visitors to small islands that sparkle in the bay, and to tiny, empty beaches kept hidden by cliffs.


The small fishing village of Búzios began to develop into Brazil’s premier holiday destination in the 1960’s. Being only two hours from Rio de Janeiro, it quickly became a popular escape from the city, and it has been having the same effect on visitors that it had when Brigitte Bardot discovered its romantic charms, without ever losing its appeal.

After relaxing on a stunning beach, if you like to finish the day with a meal beneath the stars, with the noise of the waves to accompany it, there is no better place than Búzios.

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What not to miss in Búzios

Búzios Beaches

With over 20 beaches, you’ll be spoilt for choice, so we’ll keep this a shortlist. Geriba is generally the most visited and animated, while Praia do Canto a small isolated beach offering some peace and tranquillity when holiday crowds arrive. Praia da Tartaruga is one of the most popular; the water is crystal-clear, rich in marine life, an ideal spot to snorkel. Azeda Beach is 2 beaches: Azeda & Azedinha, the latter being the smallest. João Fernandes Beach is an excellent spot for snorkeling, especially near the cliff areas.

Buzios Town – Rua das Pedras

The long cobbled path of Rua das Pedras is reminiscent of the past Portuguese colonialism and adds a unique European feel to Buzios. It is the principal street that runs parallel to Praia do Canto, lined with restaurant and boutique shops considered to be the center of Buzios town. Rua das Pedras has a small town feel that’s pretty quiet during the week, but this area can be busy through weekends and busier holiday seasons. We recommend spending time here, but for lodging there are plenty of options that are quieter and more suitable for a Buzios stay.

Cabo Frio / Arraial do Cabo

Cabo Frio is one of Brazil’s oldest cities, sands trapped amid dunes, lagoons, and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. Also known as the Caribbean of Brazi, Arraial do Cabo is a destination sought after by divers and beachgoers, just south of Cabo Rio. The village has some of the most pristine beaches, a must visit is to Gruta Azul with some incredible beaches and lunch at a floating restaurant. Its bars and the beaches are still a source of cheerful Brazilians, whose pleasant spirit is the most substantial draw of the new city on weekends and summers.

Boat Trips

A modified old fishing schooner takes you to some of the hidden islands of Búzios, where boats will anchor in its many coves and bays, for a perfect excuse to drink caipirinhas, share travel stories, or simply relax or explore these dreamy Brazilian beaches. Guests take a dive or snorkel and afterwards snack on mangos, guavas and passion fruit when the ship anchors off fine beaches such as Azeda and João Fernandes.

Igreja de Sant’Ana Church

The colonial architecture recalls the Portuguese settlers of the past, and stands on top of a hill above the beach of Praia dos Ossos. The first religious building built at Buzios was this simple chapel, founded in 1740. Behind the church, you can find an old cemetery containing slave bones. If you are interested in mystery and magic tales, stop at this special fascinating church. The cemetery is still used as a graveyard today.

Statue of Brigitte Bardot

One of Buzios’s most picturesque locations is Orla Bardot, a promenade along the magnificent coasts of the area and a lovely evening trip. The statue of Brigitte Bardot, the popular French actress stands at the end of the walkway. Bardot had much to do with putting Buzios in the center of publicity, contributing to the contrast of Buzios as a St. Tropez of Brazil. Her statue is a must photo opp, and you’ll usually find travelers draped around or waiting in line to grab a selfie.

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Búzios, Estado de Río de Janeiro, BrasilBúzios is one of the prettiest places in Brazil, and possibly in the world. Any visitor will be able to understand why it is regularly voted amongst the top ten most beautiful places on the planet. The romantic charm of Búzios is not just in the quaint old fishing village with its winding cobblestone streets and picturesque harbor. It occupies part of a small peninsula ringed by 25 beautiful tropical beaches. Read more…
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Best times to visit Búzios

There is no bad time of year to travel to Búzios as the sun shines all year round! With average annual temperatures around 77ºF (25˚C) the temperature is not too hot or too cold…it is just right. Of course, there are busier times of the year such as from December through March which is summer in the Southern Hemisphere. July is also particularly busy as Brazilian schools break up for vacation and is a very popular time for families visiting the beaches of Buzios. For a quieter time, plan on visiting between April and August where you’ll be able to have Buzios heavenly beaches to yourself and the prices are a bit lower than in the high season. For a happy medium, the shoulder months of September and November are the perfect balance between there being a small crowd but nothing too excessive.

practical information


Getting to this beach town is relatively simple from the city of Rio or Sao Paulo. Buzios has a small airport that allows helicopters and smaller aircraft to land, so there are no regular flights, but a bus trip or transfer from Rio takes about 4 hours and the journey is around 2-3 hours by car. Private Transfers are available, there are also non-guided and guided shared transfers. The resort has more than 20 beaches that are accessible by foot, sea and air. The town is located in the state of São Paulo and is just 105 miles from Rio de Janeiro. The local bus station, Rodoviaria Novo Rio, is a short distance from the town.


For traveling around the area, boats or taxis are necessary and easy to find. Buses also run along the coast road to other beach towns. It is possible to hire a car in Rio if you prefer to explore a little further afield. If you collect a hire car from the international airport in Rio and drive directly to Buzios, it also means you won’t need to negotiate too much of the traffic in the Brazilian metropolis.


Búzios has long been a favorite destination for the rich and famous of Brazil and further afield. It has all the facilities that you would expect from a world-class resort alongside the beautiful scenery. There are many excellent hotels with stunning views from the bedrooms that are as good as anywhere on the planet. Even the slightly cheaper accommodation in Buzios can amaze you. Búzios is almost as famous for its seafood as its scenery. The food ranges from cheap fresh seafood cooked on the beach to top-class restaurants serving Brazilian and international cuisine cooked with the finest, freshest ingredients.

Shopping is the favorite activity away from the beach and the sea. There are a number of excellent boutiques in Búzios, selling clothes by Brazilian and international designers.

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