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Welcome to Encounter Latin America DMC (formerly CATDMC). Our team of regional offices stretch across the continent, living and breathing the travel industry in Latin America for over 20 years. In that time we’ve discovered incredible places, met amazing people and learned all the quirks and customs of this corner of our planet. We love to share our passion and the knowledge we’ve gained, with you and your clients.

Our six local offices in Latin America give us the perfect base to offer your travelers an unrivaled experience. With a wide selection of bed & breakfasts, small posadas, unique boutique hotels and world class luxurious lodging; you and your clients are able to design an authentic experience that meets both their comfort level, budget, and expectations.

We carefully help to design and refine all of your trips to bring authentic experiences to your customers, at the best possible prices. With six on-the-ground offices across Latin America, and a dedicated team of passionate travel experts, your adventures are in safe hands.

Why Work With Us?

Group & FIT

We tailor every single trip to the needs of your customer, Group Departures & Custom FIT. Whether your customer wants an affordable authentic adventure, active hikes and outdoor activities, or more exclusive privately guided tours – we can meet both your, and their expectations.

Building Bridges

We believe some of the most important lessons and purposes in life are learned by bridging the gap between cultures. More peace and understanding is found when seeing the world through the looking glass of another person or perspective, offering a better reflection of ourselves in the world.

Local is key

We’ve spent the last 20 years building relationships with the most reputable guides and local providers across Latin America. We whole-heartedly believe in responsible travel and helping grow small businesses in these local economies, tourism is extremely influential in Latin America.

Peace of Mind

6 regional offices across Latin America means 24/7 on the ground support while your customers are traveling. 20 years of experience has given us the time to know who are the best guides, service providers, and authentic hotels and lodging. Our team is here to back you up.

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Explore the Highlights


Argentina is such a diverse country that it’s hard to know where to begin! Just the word Argentina conjures up images of gauchos riding across the Pampas, tango dancers in a passionate embrace, and soccer fans cheering on Maradona.



Brightly colored textiles, lovely llamas, pink dolphins, coca leaves, Inca ruins, colonial cities, huge snow capped mountains, long winding rivers, surf filled beaches and of course the food! Even the sight of Machu Picchu makes hearts begin to race.



Brazil provides a stunning mix of man-made world wonders, natural spectacles, cities moving to the samba beat and, some of the world’s best beaches! Surpassing all expectations the South American giant is a colorful and unforgettable travel experience.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica with its National Parks, misty cloud forests, bubbling volcanoes, tumbling waterfalls and beaches is a traveler’s paradise. The country wows all those who visit with its bright colors, mind-blowing landscapes, diverse wildlife and undeniable beauty!



Colombia is the only country in the region with both a Pacific and Caribbean coastline, dense Amazonian jungle, tropical Caribbean beaches and islands, snow-capped Andes, beautiful coffee landscapes and cities of Medellin and Bogota.


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