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Encounter Latin America is about simplifying the process of tailoring tours, handcrafted by your agents, and a very personal touch for your clients. We make the process of creating the perfect holiday easy and quick for your agents to attend to potential customers, not only by using an amazing travel planning tool, but also by working closely together with local experts on the ground throughout Latin America. Your experience will results in a stunningly simple, amazingly detailed, and simply beautiful customized tour building experience that will guide you to step by step to put together that unique itinerary for your client, in a matter of minutes…Enjoy!

Why Work With Us?

Tailored for
your customer

Flexible itineraries to maximize the experience and build to your customers expectations.

With us it’s

The relationship in both consistency and team effort, makes us a great partner for long term growth.

The best

Working directly with specialists in Latin America, we offer great prices on fixed or custom itineraries.


If turnaround time is of the essence, the travel planner easily quotes and customizes sample itineraries.

We Offer Two Styles of Travel

We offer two styles of travel, Adventure & Deluxe Series, as starting points for meeting your customers expectations, you can easily build itineraries and turnaround quotes yourself, or have one of our local travel specialists refine a quote or join in on a phone call to help better serve your customers.

Adventure Series

The Adventure Series is designed as a starting point for travelers who enjoy a bit more off the beaten track experiences, for travelers seeking more independence, and looking to maximize their more sensitive budget. Lodging ranges from comfortable Bed & Breakfasts or 3 star hotels, to superior boutique hotels and standard 4-star hotels.

  • Excursions typically shared services with other travelers, focused on authentic, sometimes off the beaten track experience.
  • Small scale bed & breakfast, posadas or 3-star hotels, with upgrades to more boutique hotels and more comfort.
  • Standard transportation in busses or comfortable & safe public transportation, options to upgrade to private transportation
  • Tour is fully customizable. Hotels can be upgraded, days removed/added with activities.

Deluxe Series

The Deluxe Series is designed as a starting point for travelers with greater spending flexibility looking for comfort rather than simplicity, a more handheld, privately guided experience in the destination. Lodging ranges from smaller more comfortable boutique properties, to luxurious properties for ultimate comfort and exclusivity.

  • Exclusive experiences for main attractions, mostly private excursions, a more hand held experience.
  • More comfort in accommodations, appreciate a place to “come home to” after a long day of exploration.
  • Willing to pay more for exclusive services that involve private guides, comfortable vehicles, more flexible schedule.
  • Tour is fully customizable. Hotels can be upgraded, days removed/added with activities.

Our Travel Planner Makes Quoting Easy & Fast

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Customize the Experience
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Explore the Highlights


Argentina is such a diverse country that it’s hard to know where to begin! Just the word Argentina conjures up images of lone gauchos riding across vast plains of the Pampas, of sultry characters locked in tango’s passionate embrace…



Brightly colored textiles, lovely llamas, pink dolphins, coca leaves, Inca ruins, colonial cities, huge snow capped mountains, long winding rivers, surf filled beaches and of course the food! Even the sight of Machu Picchu makes hearts begin to race.



The vast country of Brazil provides a stunning mix of natural spectacles, cities moving to the samba beats and some of the best beaches in the world! Surpassing all expectations the South American giant is a colorful and unforgettable travel experience.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica with its National Parks, misty cloud forests, bubbling volcanoes, tumbling waterfalls and beaches is a traveler’s paradise. The country wows all those who visit with its bright colors, mind-blowing landscapes and undeniable beauty!



Colombia is the only country in the region with both a Pacific and Caribbean coastline, dense Amazonian jungle, tropical Caribbean beaches and islands, snow-capped Andes, beautiful coffee landscapes and cities of Medellin and Bogota.


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