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Paradise in Morro de São Paulo

Paradise in Morro de São Paulo Morro de São Paulo is one of five surreal villages on the island of Tinharé. The beautiful Mediterranean-esque village in northeastern Brazil is famous for its calm atmosphere, being vehicle-free and of course its heavenly beaches.... read more

Exploring the Chapada Diamantina National Park

Exploring the Chapada Diamantina National Park As well as having a picture-perfect coastline where pristine beaches are backed by swaying palm trees, the region of Bahia also has a number of treasures further inland. Perhaps the most famous of them all in northern... read more

Experiencing Salvador da Bahia

Experiencing Salvador da Bahia Tying together the vibrant and rich Portuguese and African history and cultures, the town of Salvador da Bahia on Brazil’s northeastern coast is considered the jewel and center of Brazil’s Afro-Brazilian heritage. At the center of the... read more

The Heart of the Peruvian Odyssey

If you’re at all familiar with Greek mythology you’ll know that Odysseus was husband to the loyal Penelope and son of majestic Laërtes and Anticlea. A man whose perseverance, wit, and bravery took him on a ten year journey home after the epic Trojan War. The tales... read more

Exploring The Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu

Touring The Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu A stone’s throw beyond Cusco’s wonder is the Andean Sacred Valley, a riveting countryside where, as we’ve said before, “the Inca past meets Peru’s present.” Filled with trails, tiny villages, and arguably South America’s... read more

Touring Cusco

Explore Cusco A day or two spent in Cusco not only acclimates your senses to the heightened altitude, it allows you time to soak in the majesty of one of the ancient world’s most powerful kingdoms. Being built upon greatness was no light responsibility, the city’s... read more

Touring Lake Titicaca

Visiting Lake Titicaca An old Andean belief says that Lake Titicaca was the birthplace of the sun, and it’s easy to see why the sparkling blue lake decorated and it’s intricate ancient history would inspire such a humbling legend. Pre-Inca traditions thrive on Lake... read more

Touring Colca Canyon

Explore Colca Canyon The southern river canyon boasts some of the best trekking, rafting, and wildlife in the world, because of the canyon’s unbelievable depth and overhead Andean condor. A trip to Colca isn’t all adrenaline packed activities either, much like art,... read more

Visit Arequipa

Touring Arequipa Peru’s second-largest city lives under the sleepy shadow of the snowy El Misti Volcano and the international attention given to Cusco and Machu Picchu. But through it’s past earthquakes and relatively light tourist traffic, the city dazzles. When it... read more

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