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Explore The Route of Parks of Patagonia

Like every year during the Easter break, we take off and explore Latin America as a family. This year we got to tour the lakes district and a part of the Carretera Austral. We were late in the season and I was actually a bit afraid that we would see a lot of rain and... read more

Exploring South Bolivia

Visiting one of the most adventurous destinations within Bolivia, who wouldn’t have great expectations about this…? The Uyuni tour starting in San Pedro de Atacama was breathtaking from the get-go! The wildly colored lagoons, reflecting green, white, red, and other... read more

Bolivia with Encounter Latin America

Santa Cruz & Samaipata Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the capital of the Santa Cruz department in eastern Bolivia and the largest city in the country. It is the perfect hub for exploring eastern Bolivia, a land rife with quaint villages, UNESCO-protected Jesuit... read more

Car rental in Colombia?

Depending on where you drive in Colombia it can be both a great experience or a very challenging one. For many years the roads of Colombia have been difficult and dangerous. However, during the past years, Colombia has seen a drastic change and the roads, after so... read more

Travelling to North Peru: Tarapoto & Chachapoyas

When we travelled 15 years ago to the North of Peru, the infrastructure was very very basic, with almost no hotels or hostels and with roads that were unpaved, narrow, steep and curvy, making any day trip long and very adventurous. The destination was a truly off the... read more

San Andres or Providencia?

While what everyone writes about San Andres it very true: a lot of regional tourism, a lot of big hotels, not a great city – it does have a lot of great things too. It is a perfect place to relax on the beach, rent a buggy to explore the tiny island and go on an... read more

Uyuni Salt lake and Lagoons

  While the scenery is beyond amazing, the experience of traveling the salt lake and the lagoons has its challenges: There are no roads, only tracks, which means an expert driver and a good car is a must. You are traveling 3 or 4 days between 4000 and 5000 meters... read more

Rainbow Mountain in Cusco

  The rainbow mountain is rapidly becoming the fastest growing destination in the region of Cusco and receiving about 1000 travelers per day. As there is no government involvement (yet) the excursion is still somewhat informal. Your day will start at around 4 am,... read more

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