Tortuguero is Costa Rica’s little Amazons with beautiful lush rainforest and tropical wildlife, and it is the key nesting site for green sea turtles. It is located on Costa Rica’s northern Caribbean side, and can only be accessed by boat or small airplane flight, since no roads lead to Tortuguero. This makes Tortuguero very special, since here you will be completely surrounded by rainforest, waterways and the Caribbean Sea while staying at a comfortable eco-lodge. Turtle season start as from July until October. Seeing a giant see turtle come ashore to lay her eggs is really a unique experience. But Tortuguero is incredible year-round, because of its nature and wildlife.

The destination was closed for quite a few months to protect the local people from the spread of Covid-19. However, since January 2021 the main lodges and the Tortuguero National Park are open again, welcoming visitors from around the world!

We would like to inform you in regards to some changes to visit Tortuguero:

  • Entrance tickets to the National Park can no longer be purchased on spot and can now only be bought through the Costa Rican National Conservation Areas System (SINAC) website. We will therefore from now on include your entrance tickets in our proposals.
  • Under Covid-19 protocols the local town of Tortuguero can currently not be visited, but the main lodges and the park are all open.
  • Under Covid-19 protocols breakfast on arrival day and lunch on departure day and its logistics are modified. Some lodges offer box lunch and other lodges make a stop along the way at a different connection point. Depending on the lodge you will be staying at, we will inform you accordingly.