• Taking into consideration the increase in Covid cases, chilean government has decided to strengthen measures to control the increase in contagions and also to prevent the spread of the new strain. Quarantine measures from back in December are still applicable, and there are some additional ones that apply as of December 31, 2020: 

  • All travelers, whether Chilean, resident foreigners or visiting foreigners, must carry out a mandatory quarantine for 10 days. However, it can be shortened with a negative PCR result. which can be taken from the 7th day of quarantine onwards. While they await for their result, they must remain quarantined. Non-resident foreigners who have been in the United Kingdom during the last 14 days are prohibited from entering Chile.

  • Despite these measures, the Arturo Merino Benitez Airport is operational 24/7 with national and international flights, as well as cargo, all under strict biosanitary measures.

    Travel conditions within Chile for Non-resident foreigners once the mandatory quarantine after arrival in the country is accomplished: 

  • After arriving in Santiago and meeting the entry requirements for non-resident foreigners, passengers will have up to 24 hours to travel to their destination in another region of the country, where they must comply with sanitary measures.

  • To travel from one region to another, it can only be done from communes in phase 3 (Preparation) or 4 (Initial Opening) to communes that are in the same condition (phase 3 or 4), according to the National Plan Paso a Paso. Tourists will not be able to travel between regions if the commune of origin or destination is in phase 1 (Quarantine) or 2 (Transition).

  • While the Metropolitan Region (Santiago) is in Phase 2 (Transition), travelers must comply with the sanitary measures that applies for this step, so they must quarantine on weekends and during the week, respect the schedules and allowed capacity.