• The Bolivian government has restricted the entry of passengers from the United Kingdom and the European Union from December 25 to February 15 to prevent the arrival of the new strain of COVID-19 in the country. This restriction will also apply to all travelers arriving from the old continent who visited other South American countries.

    Other regulations that the government has imposed include the following:

  • All borders are open, however, some of the countries bordering Bolivia have maintained the closure of their land borders, so entering or leaving Bolivia may not be possible at this time.

  • Air borders will be open and commercial flights will be allowed. Returning Bolivian citizens and residents, foreigners, diplomats, members of special missions and international organizations, technical specialists, and drivers of goods and international cargo may return to the country without mandatory quarantine upon arrival, provided they present a valid certification of PCR test specific for COVID-19 with negative result before flight.

  • Travelers should be prepared for the implementation of additional travel restrictions, which may affect international travel, with little or no prior notification. Visit the Official Site of the Government of Bolivia on COVID-19

  • Returning Bolivian citizens and residents must present a negative COVID-19 (PCT-TR) test with a validity prior to the scheduled date of entry of: 3 days for people from a border country with Bolivia, 7 days for people from South and Central America, and 10 days if people come to North America and Asia.