300,000 seats on flights to Costa Rica in December

Airlines will offer nearly 300,000 seats on flights to Costa Rica in December, almost nine times what was offered during October.

This brings a light of hope for tourism in Costa Rica. This availability will surely be reflected in more travelers visiting this beautiful spot in the world, but we also need to acknowledge that the impact of the pandemic will still last for a long time.

Costa Rica on the way to recovery!

Little by little flights come back to Costa Rica from all parts of the world.  Panama and Nicaragua are still a bit behind, but it will happen there as well real soon.

Its beautiful beaches and national parks are now welcoming domestic and international travelers, and hotels are coming out of hibernation and taking advantage of the momentum the concept of sustainable luxury in hospitality continues to be developed; small hotels and lodges have now an opportunity to overcome the difficulties of operating in remote locations and become the new normality for travelers.

National Parks are open and have adapted to the Covid reality with new protocols. Now, within the boundaries of national parks or on private reserves, all of the adventure activities are possible –everything from rainforest hikes and ziplining to whale watching, and river rafting. Prepare your bags and soak up the healing, restorative power of nature. Wildlife viewing is at its best. 

Also, hospitals and health care system have been able to deal with the situation well and while every death from this virus is one too many, the death rate in Costa Rica has been among the lowest worldwide.

We remain cautiously optimistic about the future and will continue to be patient, regaining our strength and building an extraordinary tomorrow.