Ecuador started receiving travelers in September, and since then we have received 43 visitors between travelers and volunteers.
It has been very satisfying to observe the fulfillment of that desire in travelers to come visit this small country, full of beautiful places. We have received families, couples, and friends, who came to know the country, but also left behind a little bit of them in every corner they visited; supporting animal rescue projects in Puyo, beach conservation in Galapagos, whale watching and data collection, participating in the turtle rescue center in Puerto Lopez, learning Spanish and connecting with local families in Baños, enjoying the magic of the enchanted islands, and the immense biodiversity the Ecuadorian jungle offers, and spending some time knowing the charm of colonial Quito and the Middle of the World.
Travelers that are already back in their country, are pleased to have been able to travel in these difficult times, and happy to have seized the opportunity to make new friends who are now part of their memories of Ecuador.
We continue to receive new requests for the following year, and, as always, we will continue creating WOW experiences that turn into unforgettable memories for people visiting Ecuador.