The return of international tourism to Argentina is coming closer everyday! New regulations that slowly work towards a reopening are being applied as of December, when the entry of foreign citizens of all nationalities who have a direct relative with citizenship and/or residence in Argentina will now be allowed. A sworn affidavit is requested to be filled 48hrs prior to the flight as well as negative PCR test with 72 hs prior to entering the country, as well as a a saliva test upon arrival. A health care insurance that includes confinement and isolation benefits for COVID-19 is also requested.

National tourism is being encouraged through a program released by the government called “Pre-Viaje” (Pre-Trip), which refunds 50% of the trip to Argentinian travelers travel inside the country; and main destinations in the country such as Calafate, Buenos Aires, Salta, Ushuaia, Mendoza are not requesting a negative PCR test,  only a health care insurance or a signed affidavit (this will depend on each province), and are already receiving national tourism again. Hopefully if everything goes well with this program, borders will be reopened soon. 

These news give us an optimistic view that in the coming weeks, international tourism will be a reality once again in Argentina.

New WTTC’s Safe travel stamps 

Buenos Aires joins Salta as of the end of November obtaining the WTTC’s  Global Protocols & Stamp for the New Normal. This stamp is essential to provide confidence to all national and international travelers who visit the City and it’s one step closer to achieve a safe reactivation of international tourism in the country.

The Safe Travels stamp guarantees that the destination is safe and prepared to receive tourists, complying with all the global health and hygiene requirements and guidelines, established and endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This way, Buenos Aires joins Salta and other important cities in the region to obtain the stamp such as San Pablo, Rio de Janeiro, Cancun, Morelia and Quito, among others.