Isabela is one of the main islands in Galapagos; and with a population that heavily depends on their touristic activities, is now looking to reactivate their activities and start receiving visitors again. For that purpose, the island is now ready to receive for visitors, and boats to take you there have opened a wider amount of frequencies, so that you don’t miss out on the beautiful beaches and wild life Isabela has to offer.

The Cuyabeno wildlife production reserve, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth with thriving fauna and breathtaking flora, will once again open its doors, from October 30th, to receive those adventurers who want to encounter the wonders the rainforest has to offer.

Its magnificence it’s something you can only experience by being there. Connect with your wilder side by visiting one of Ecuador’s biggest reserves. A pink dolphin might come out to say hi!

From Continental Ecuador to the Galapagos

Airlines are now publishing their real planned frequencies four days before the start of every month. That means that every 26thwe will have an update on the flights available for our travelers wanting to visit this wonder of nature, situated 1300 km off of the coast of Ecuador. We are all adapting to the new normalcy!

Galapagos continues opening for the public but wants to do it in safe manner that protects both residents and tourists coming to the island. In that sense, visitors are no longer required to do a14 days quarantine before arriving on the island, they only need to present a negative PCR test that is no older than 96 hours before arriving to the islands, except for kids and teenagers under 17, who no longer need a test or quarantine.  This are great news that make your dream visit to the enchanted islands more convenient.