Exploring South Bolivia

Visiting one of the most adventurous destinations within Bolivia, who wouldn’t have great expectations about this…? The Uyuni tour starting in San Pedro de Atacama was breathtaking from the get-go! The wildly colored lagoons, reflecting green, white, red, and other shades, between towering, snow-capped mountains, and orange-pink flamingos guiding our way, adding to the surprise effect; this trip was off to an amazing start.
Arriving at the Uyuni Salt Lake before sunrise is like waking up in the clouds. Enjoy the environment on your own, just breathing the cold morning air, whilst the area bathes in what I can only call ‘peace…’. Beware of the silence though; it can grow on you and you might never want to leave again…
I continued to Potosi, a very traditional colonial city. You can tell from the buildings and churches throughout the city how rich it once was. The imposing view of the Cerro Rico adds a unique touch you will definitely enjoy. I suggest visiting one of the viewpoints located close to the city center, to enjoy the sunset, illuminating the city in pure gold… Picture time!
From here I went to Sucre, which is the city I personally like the most in Bolivia. ‘La Ciudad Blanca’ is a nickname that was bestowed upon the city because many of the colonial-style houses and structures are painted white. Subtropical weather, clean and white streets, great places to stay, good restaurants, nice bars, etc., all make for an easy decision to stay here for at least 2 or 3 days and take the chance to relax after some exhausting traveling days.

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