Uyuni Salt lake and Lagoons


While the scenery is beyond amazing, the experience of traveling the salt lake and the lagoons has its challenges:

  • There are no roads, only tracks, which means an expert driver and a good car is a must.
  • You are traveling 3 or 4 days between 4000 and 5000 meters of altitude, and that is in itself a physically challenging experience.
  • There is no comfortable, affordable accommodation: you can either stay in refugios (clay huts) or in more expensive hostels (think 3-star, with a 5-star price tag).

Our recommendations:

  • If possible, we would always recommend the private service. We have found a way to make this more affordable and it just changes the experience.
  • Both private service and group service need to have an English speaking guide. The drivers need to be able to focus on their driving and a guide will help prevent miscommunication, help solve issues with refugios and keep an eye on the safety of the trip.
  • Whether a private service or a group service, we do recommend a private room in the refugios. Most travelers do not feel well, and a good night of rest is essential.
  • Please advise your traveler that in case of a group service, all seats will be occupied, the vehicle will carry all luggage on top and have 6 passengers (1 in the front, 3 in the middle and 2 in the back). especially the back seats have very little space.


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