Exploring the Historic Streets of Cartagena

After teaming up with ‘Rewriting the Map‘ at Colombia’s Barranquilla Carnival they went on to explore the stunning city of Cartagena. Here is their article and photographs from this captivating city on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast.

Historic Cartagena, on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast, sits as one of the country’s top tourist destinations. The city answers all sceptics within a matter of moments. The aromas and scenery mix together with an old world feel to create a truly one of a kind experience for any one on their getaway. Cartagena’s environment fosters to the adventurous with, a laid back attitude. This city is the type to allow you to unwind without making a conscious effort to do so. Calm simply flows through the air. All that is required, is to step onto the soil, breathe in deep, as your muscles relax and your mind wipes clear. Cartagena is truly magical for all involved.


Imagine if you will, strolling through Spanish architecture and vibrant colors illuminated by an orange sun sinking silently below the sea. Cartagena’s fantastical environments comes straight out of a romance novel. Meandering through shops and down back alley ways, over cobblestone streets and broken facades. Restaurants and homes bring together Colombian crafts, and the bounties of the sea. In Cartagena a good time and a new flavor is never far away. Locals and tourists dance into the night, as the clock becomes an afterthought. Stress is scared to follow you here. Visitors should take caution; the longer you’re here the easier it is to lose yourself.



Regardless of what you’re doing in Cartagena, it’s impossible to escape ease. This coastal paradise is a refuge for people all over the world. As one mixes into the pot that is Cartagena, you begin to see the global influences that make up this incredible wide-reaching town. At any one moment, on any one corner dozens of distinct languages can be heard. Delicacies and cultures from all over can be sampled inside of this old city with a definitively Spanish flavor. Cartagena walks a fine line. The old city was created and has developed through a diverse and worldly influence while truly being one of an individual and unique kind.



A city of colonial history, still bears the scars of tumultuous past. The Spanish forts and walls of the old city still shape the Cartagena of today. The remaining Spanish architecture creates a drastic divide. Outside of the old city, Cartagena booms. The area serves as one of the main ports in all of Latin America and the evidence soars above the old Spanish homes in the form an impeccable skyline. Cartagena bridges a gap connecting the country’s history and its future and in this place more than any other the two mingle effortlessly.



Walking through the old city intoxicates the senses. At any one moment, a traveler can simultaneously, be walking in a painting and swaying through the orchestra spilling onto the streets. The city is alive with the back and forth of natives and foreigners alike all bathing together in the Caribbean surf, in a city that automatically feels like home. Cartagena calls to you and it craves your connection. Be careful, because you won’t be able to leave, entirely. A part of you will always remain behind, in this coastal paradise, and the rest of you will always thirst to return.



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