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Birdwatching in Colombia’s Coffee Region

Hidden between the towering peaks of the Andes is Colombia’s Coffee Region. While the main highlight of the Coffee Triangle is of course its world-renowned coffee, it is also one of the top locations in the world to go bird watching. With 20% of all bird species residing in Colombia, the country leads the world in avian biodiversity. The enticing aromas of coffee fill the air in Colombia’s Coffee Region which has a spell-binding landscape with rolling valleys covered in coffee plantations and Quindío Palms. While it may be hard to steer your attention away from the sublime scenery and delicious coffee, Colombia’s Coffee Region is a birding paradise. With more than 1800 species of birds, you’ll be able to spot all types of birds in the Coffee Region from hummingbirds and woodpeckers to toucans, eagles and many more. Read more about the best wildlife destinations in South America…

Colombia Coffee - Julian Londono Jaramillo

Colombia’s Coffee Region will satisfy all your senses.

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